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November 16, 2011
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Canon PowerShot S3 IS
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Nov 1, 2011, 2:11:11 PM
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Dwarven Treasure - Mithril Sheen by ce-e-vel Dwarven Treasure - Mithril Sheen by ce-e-vel
The Dwarven Treasure coins feature futhark runes. These ancient letters have been found on weapons and monuments throughout Europe and are believed by some to embody arcane powers. Many people are familiar with the runes due to their prominent use in Tolkien's books "The Hobbit" and "The Lord of the Rings".

This is the "Mithril Sheen" edition. It's predominant colors are shades of blue and silvery metal to reflect the icy coolness of the rare and beloved metal, mithril. The finish is satin nickel. The enamel on the rune side is blue silica glass. This hard and extremely durable finish can be expected to last hundreds or thousands of years. The coin includes a blue gem and a white gem in honor of the Dwarves' love for gleaming treasure.

For more information about this coin, please follow the link below:
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Given 2012-12-29
Dwarven Treasure - Mithril Sheen by ~ce-e-vel The suggester writes: It's nice to see work that physically represents both a fandom and an intriguing business. ( Suggested by Vaporeon249 and Featured by maytel )
IanWinchester Featured By Owner Jun 14, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Would just like to point out the symbol you use for "O" is actually the symbol for "ee"
ce-e-vel Featured By Owner Jun 20, 2013
Thanks for taking the time to actually read the inscriptions. It is always flattering to have people look at my coins.

Runes existed over several different time periods and in several different countries so different runes probably had different sounds. I used several books to learn the runes and all of them said that the rune ōþila/ ōþala has an O sound. A good way to check this is to types "rune" into Wikipedia. About halfway down the article will be a table that shows the runes and their sounds. That being said, I would not be at all surprised to learn that at least one time and place used that particular rune for the "ee" sound.
IanWinchester Featured By Owner Jul 5, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Ummmm no prob I guess ^^;

Wow that's a really detailed explanation hahahha and yeah I see what you mean with the "O" sound. I figured "ee" would fit it more cos, call me a nerd but I tried to decode the runic text on the map found in The Hobbit and the symbol used fit the "ee" that's all hahah I could be wrong :P
The-Strify Featured By Owner Mar 24, 2013  Hobbyist Artisan Crafter
Its beautiful!
cherylhobbit Featured By Owner Jan 7, 2013
Very cool!!
Vanshira Featured By Owner Jan 5, 2013  Hobbyist Artisan Crafter
Got mine yesterday, and I want to keep it in my pocket forever.
ce-e-vel Featured By Owner Jan 5, 2013
Wow, Thanks!
Samarai Featured By Owner Jan 2, 2013
This is Ass-Kickin'!!!
I know two nieces who will definitely be getting one of these in the near future and, quite frankly, an old Geek who is gonna have to have one as well.
Be visiting your webstore real soon.
Oh yeah.. put you on my Watch List, just to be sure I don't lose track.

ce-e-vel Featured By Owner Jan 2, 2013
Thanks! I hope that all of you like them. This edition has been popular, but there are some others that have been even more popular.

Samarai Featured By Owner Jan 3, 2013
We shall soon know, as I just got word today that they have been shipped. If they are as good as they look, I may be buying some more for a few friends...
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